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Unlike others in the industry, we don’t have any fancy words to hide behind. Aventon’s story is simple: less talk, more do. And our mission has always been headstrong- superior quality, attention to detail, and hands-on manufacturing.

We believe that, “if you put in love and build it, the fans will come.”

Our history is best reflected by the man who built the brand: J.W. who, without missing a beat, went from college graduation to bike infatuation. So in 2013 he set out to create a entry level fixed gear frame that he felt was missing

on the streets. Through bumps in the road, trial and error, and determination, Aventon was born.

It did not take long before we were unsatisfied with third party suppliers, so we sought out to tackle that problem.

If we couldn’t find a quality supplier, we just had to become one.

No longer tethered by slow lead times and poor service, we began building a strong team in both manufacturing and design. Today, we stand over 100 employees strong at both our factory and office level, with industry

leading talents who share the same passion.

It’s been a long road we’ve traveled. The bumps and scratches have made us who we are but innovation and

creation will drive us forward. Push on.

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